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Virus nucleic acid preservation solution
Product Introduction
This product provides a simple, safe, and effective method for preserving samples such as throat swabs and nasal swabs
Maintain the integrity and non degradation of nucleic acids in the sample at room temperature for a certain period of time, in order to
Intended Use
1. Applicable to the collection, inactivation, preservation, transportation, and storage of virus samples from medical institutions and third-party testing institutions. The stored samples can be used for subsequent nucleic acid extraction or virus testing. 2. Suitable for home self sampling, easy to operate, without the need for professional medical staff, while avoiding potential risks caused by clustering of sampling populations
Product advantages
Safety: The preservation solution has virus killing activity, ensuring the safety of transportation and testing personnel
Convenient: can be transported at room temperature without the need for cold chain, without affecting the accuracy of testing
Stable: The viral nucleic acid can be stored for one week at ≤ 37 ℃
Sensitivity: Avoid RNA degradation and improve downstream detection sensitivity
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